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Starvation vs. Obesity-More Similar Than You Might Think!

If only people were like oranges and we could peel back the layers to take a look inside. You might be surprised at what you see. It’s often easy to point out the more visible health effects of an overweight person, but what about those people who appear thin? Do you automatically judge that a thin person is a healthy person? If we’re being honest, the majority of us do. We don’t necessarily always care what that journey to become thin was like, just that we reached that gold star of slim success. Sadly, when the desperation to be thin is greater than the desperation to be healthy, the choices we make to reach that goal sometime end up costing us more than we bargained. Let’s take a look at what a typical starvation diet might look like and then compare it to a binge diet.

When you hear the word starvation diet, do you envision eating disorders like anorexia, or think of infomercials depicting bony bodies of starving people in other countries? These are definitely forms of devastating starvation. But what about “Keto”? Did I hear a gasp? Yes, we said it. It’s taken the world by storm. How is “Keto” a starvation diet you ask? Any diet, whether it be “Atkins”, the “Cantaloupe Diet”, the “Soup Diet,” “the Stand on Your Head for 30 Minutes After you Eat Diet”, or any diet that doesn’t stress proper balance of nutrition should be considered a starvation diet.

Our bodies need balance! Proper balanced nutrition is incredibly important to create full body response function. That means that your heart, brain, liver, spleen, lungs, endocrine system, skeletal system, … okay, I don’t have enough time to write, or for you to read, all of the body parts within your body, so I’ll spare you, but basically, our body needs that spider web of communication to remain as highly efficient as possible, so all of our body parts and functions can symbiotically talk to one another for optimal function. A balanced, nutritional diet is the very best way to establish and maintain this function.

So how in the world are, “Starvation Diets” and “Over Abundance Diets,” similar? Well for starters, just because an overweight, or even obese person, appears overly well fed, it doesn’t mean that their nutritional needs are being met. Becoming obese, doesn’t naturally happen by consuming healthy portions of vegetables, fruit, clean carbs and proteins that are lower in fat. For example, if macaroni and cheese, pizza, top ramen, Mr. McDonald’s cuisine and ice cream are staples in your diet, you’re probably starving. That’s right! It doesn’t matter how much of an extra layer you’re toting around, you’re starving because your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to for full body response function.

Remember the telephone tin can game you probably played as a kid? The one where you attach old cans together with a string and then walk to the next room, tree, or maybe even the next town to see if your friend can hear you in the can that’s up to their ear? Remember repeating in your can, “can you hear me?” “Can you hear me?” If you became a pro at this game, you knew that using the right string, and then pulling the line taut, would allow your voice to make the string vibrate and reach the other can. This is because the vibrations could travel through the line and into the receiving can, becoming audible sounds waves. If you’ve ever tried it with yarn, you’d realize that the vibrations weren’t able to travel through the string to receive the sound. It also wouldn’t work if your string wasn’t pulled really tight. You might think that you’re using the right string, but you still can’t hear the anything coming from the other end, so you just pull tighter and tighter, until the string busts.

If you’re not getting the healthy nutrients you need,( although you might think your food choices are correct), your body will stop responding the way you want it to, and can even bust, like that tin can string. Most people that are trying to lose weight, think that when they stop seeing results, they need to reduce food intake. With these unnecessary cuts in nutrition, and/or the wrong food choices, in the case of both heavy and thin individuals, the body will eventually reach a breaking point. It doesn't matter how much of a heroic effort you put into it, if your using the, "wrong string," or in this case, the wrong food, it won't work. The body just won't respond the way it used to when it was in a better state of health. That's why most of our clients that you read about in our health and weight loss testimonials are in their mid 30's to 40's. This is usually the time that the human body says, "I'm done dieting," and early onset of health issues have started to arise or have already settled into the system. The many negative health issues that we see today, as well as the fact that you're probably realizing that your body now has limitations, usually can't always be chalked up to age. This is the typical time that visits to medical professionals become regular and medications start being prescribed.

When a person is thin, and starving, such a situation like anorexia, the same thing happens. Functions shut down. The body responses become clouded and so does the ability to think clearly. So not only do we see physical shut down, but we see hormonal, mental and emotional shut down as well. Although “Anorexia,” and lack of food is a whole other extreme level, any diet that causes the body to suffer by experiencing balanced nutritional deprivation can potentially be hazardous to ones health. You might be surprised to know that many thin people suffer with fatty liver issues, just like an alcoholic or an obese person. This is commonly due to years of abusing the body through nutritional deprivation.

Bottom line, when comparing thin, wormy, heavy, obese, thick, and fluffy figures, remember the orange. An orange comes is different sizes. Peel the layer and look inside. Unless you eat a balanced and healthy diet, it doesn’t much matter what the outer appearance looks like, as starvation manifests in many forms. The state of a persons health should never be measured by appearance. Just because someone is blessed with more forgiving genes and can eat pizza while remaining, “thin”, definitely doesn’t mean they’re a healthy individual under the orange’s outside layer. They might even be in a worse state of health than a person several pounds overweight. It’s time our society focuses on health over appearance. After all, great appearances emerge from great health!

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