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We have grouped health & Weight loss together, as they often overlap
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Diabetic's Delight

Where do I even start? I am Type 1 Diabetic and have been since I was 9 years old.  I did not think anyone could help me get my diabetes in control.  For years, I have struggled with extreme frustration in getting it in control but it was to the point where I was really close to just giving up because I had tried everything out there to control my blood sugars and to just be healthy and nothing worked!   I had tried the Fast Metabolism Diet, the Keto Diet, I even got a gym membership and did not last longer than 2 weeks. So, I was skeptical to start to say the least.Before starting with Matt & Audra I had all kinds of issues on top of diabetes, problems I had NO idea I had.  I have always struggled with food, I could NEVER finish a meal, even if it were something simple. I would just snack throughout the day, usually on the worst food possible.  Mostly, the thought of food revolted me because everything made me nauseous. I think I have taken more Pepto Bismol than anyone in their lives to be honest.  I was extremely anxious about EVERYTHING.  I never had energy.  My moods were always all over the place. With regards to my diabetes,  I never could have stable blood sugars and NEVER could have an A1C below 8.9, I have always been in the 9 zone no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do.  


Since starting with Matt & Audra, I am SHOCKED at the changes.  I don’t think there has been any greater joy then allowing someone to help me listen to my body and the fact that it can tell you what it needs. I did not think taking daily vitamins or eating regularly was necessary but let me be the first to tell you, it is.  I can actually enjoy a meal now and FINISH IT and find myself wanting MORE.  My blood sugars have been more stable than I have ever seen them, my estimated A1C IS 7.9!!! My amount of insulin daily is continually decreasing, and my doctors have been at some points speechless.  Matt has solved some issues related to my blood sugars in one week that I have been working with doctors with for over 10 years!  I have energy that I never knew was in me and I find my mind is more focused and clear. In a matter of 3 months I have lost about 10 pounds, 10 pounds I didn’t know I had to lose.  I think the biggest excitement out of all of this for me is that for the first time in my life, I feel in control of my Diabetes and that is something that I will always be grateful for.   Matt & Audra have such deep genuine care for people and you can see it in the way they coach and guide you.  You get more than coaches when you sign up, you can have your own cheerleading team! The greatest investment you can make is in yourself and I can see now how important it is to do that!  100% No Regrets. 

Blood pressure reader
A Health Hercules
I have had life changing results with Rebel Genetics Nutrition. The first result was dropping my high blood pressure and then making a drop in my accompanying medication. 
The second result was losing 18 pounds in under one month, while following my new diet plan! (I had met with a public health dietician weeks prior to Rebel Genetics, and was told they don't use diet plans because they don't work. The next time I saw her, I asked her how losing 18lbs in a short time, on a nutrition plan, isn't considered working?)
The third result was dramatically improved sleep, energy and overall health. 
The fourth result was is my acid reflux is gone. I was on medication for acid reflux for 10 years, and I no longer need it. 
The list goes on and on, along with weight loss and many overall health improvements. Rebel Genetics is amazing! I can honestly say this has been life changing. I know they have, in just a short time, added years to my lifespan.... I've now dropped 4 medications too, the healthy way!  
Billy Taylor
Wedding Motivation
Wedding Dress
The Best advice I can give to stay motivated for me is take a look at the wedding dress photo on my phone, on the really hard days I reach out to Matt and Audra and they are always there to lend a ear or tell you a million reason why you started on this journey!! I have tried everything and I mean literally everything in the past and have always failed till I started working with Matt I have seen success in a very short time and of course nothing every happens fast enough for me,  but slow and steady wins the race. Its 100% a mind game regarding the motivation, yes its long hours at work or a few more cuddles with the little ones on the couch there will always be excuses, just make sure the excuses don't creep in, stay focused even on the hard days and get up and get your food prepped, and plan to succeed, its definitely ok to feel defeated and stuck but the support with Rebel Genetics Nutrition is always there to pick you up dust you off and kick you in the butt to keep going strong 

no more choking!

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Hi, my name is Steve. I am a 70 year old man that for the past few years struggled with, what I thought, was a medical issue. My symptoms consisted of my throat literally closing off. It was difficult to even swallow. This would last for a couple days and during that time it was very difficult to eat or drink. I had many, many, episodes where even drinking water would cause me to choke. I had several tests done including an endoscopy and tried different medications, but the problem persisted. Matt listened to my issues and looked over my bloodwork. He figured out that my issue was actually an inability to handle excess amounts of glutamic acids in food. By eliminating certain pre-packaged, pre-seasoned foods, these episodes no longer effect me. With Matt’s diet change, and Audra’s collaboration of tasty recipes, I no longer worry about choking to death. Thank you for the help. I recommend Rebel Genetics for all your health needs. They figure out what the doctors can’t.
Steve S., Texas
Self Conscious No More!
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Since December of 2019, I had the privilege working with Matt. During this time he has provided effortless expert guidance which has helped push me to become successful in my on going progress. I once was a very self conscious person when it came to my body, since then I have developed and gained confidence in myself, and my physical appearance. Matt’s systematic, science based coaching approach is leading me to an ever lasting lifestyle of self improvements. I have him to thank for my new found happiness and helping me break out of old habits such as lack of motivation, and helping me become educated in a new lifestyle that is so easy to maintain
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Warm regards,

Double the Health

"I am 20 years old and just had my first child. When I delivered my son I had two and a half months to prepare for my wedding, so I set some very high standards for myself but didn't know how to accomplish my goals. Then I was introduced to Rebel Genetics and with their nutrition plan, I was able to reach my goals and fly past them in time for my wedding. I lost 19 pounds and 22 inches! I also suffered from a severe cough for over two years that doctors couldn't fix. Within a few weeks of fueling my body with the right nutrition, my cough was gone. My hormone levels have been so crazy my whole life as well, but with this life-changing program my hormone levels are normal. As I live my life as a ranch wife and mother to a sweet and crazy young son, I feel like my body gives me 120% all the time to keep up with this busy lifestyle. This program has been so beneficial to my son as well, because he gets all the same nutritional benefits as I do through my milk. He had been sick on and off with breathing issues and other problems too, but with this nutrition plan he is so energetic, he can breathe normaly and is unbelievably healthy. Without this program I have no clue how our health could have improved, or what my body and energy level would be. So I want to thank head coach Matt Clary and recipe queen/ advice counselor, Audra Geneau for this life-changing experience."        
Madison S. Choteau, Montana

inspirational changes!



Frustrated, I reached out to a friend of mine, Chance, who got me connected with Matt. Matt has been incredibly patient, EXTREMELY knowledgeable and exceedingly thorough every step of the way. He was very transparent in leveling with me about the realities of committing to bodybuilding - how much discipline it would take, what a lifestyle change it would be, but he has also been SO ENCOURAGING the entire time.


I have struggled to put into words what it’s like to have a coach who sows so much belief, faith and vision into you. Even when I felt like I wasn’t making any progress, our regular check-ins (pictures are so important) have shown me very plainly how I have progressed. No matter what questions I ask (or how many) Matt responds promptly with detailed explanations that I can understand - I have learned SO MUCH about nutrition in general, but more specifically and more importantly, what my body NEEDS to work efficiently.


Through a series of VERY, VERY FORTUNATE events, I have been blessed to work with Rebel Genetics for the past year and a half. When Matt and I first started working together, I had never meal prepped before, had never weighed my food…I was a complete novice. I had successfully lost about 20 lbs from my heaviest weight (192), but I couldn’t seem to get below 175, no matter what I did.
I want to thank Matt from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, being patient with me and continuing to guide me on this journey of becoming the best version of myself! 

I can honestly say that I have never felt better. At my most recent check-in, I weighed in at 148…44 lbs down from my heaviest weight just 2.5 years ago! I have gone from a size 12 (16 at my biggest) to a size 6. My acne has cleared up, my mental health has improved leaps and bounds, and I have grown to truly love and care about what I put into my body. On top of my nutrition, Matt is incredibly knowledgeable about supplementation and I can truly say that the regimen of all-natural vitamins I am on have added tremendously to my quality of life.


I have improved in the gym, the discipline I now operate on has translated to nearly every aspect of my life, and unlike other coaches who want to rush into showing, Matt’s slow-and-steady approach (while they definitely take a commitment and level of dedication I previously didn’t even think I had), have been incredible for me personally and I truly believe he is the best coach out there - not just or the short term, but the long term. He cares deeply about each and every one of his clients. For me, even when I didn’t believe in myself, he has seen my potential and that has been invaluable.





Gabi Jaffee-  Austin, Texas

Owner of Rodeo Wrecks

Digital Master of Flo Sports

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A strongwoman's Journey

Eat well, feel good! 
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Watch her progress 
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I started with Matt Clary a little over two years ago, and have trouble finding the words for all the ways my life has changed for the better. Before we began, I thought I was managing my diet well with macros but I had hit a plateau with my weight/size and was struggling with energy for my workouts. 

After running genetic testing, Matt was able to take the results and completely overhaul how I ate. While the number on the scale has not changed much, I’ve dropped a dress size while growing my muscles and now have better energy/focus. I’m now consuming enough for proper muscle recovery and was able to compete in my first strongwoman show (two day/eight event) without injury. 

In addition, I had discontinued oral birth control for health reasons and was struggling with the hormone profile of a post menopausal woman for months following. The only response from my family physician was to resume the medication that I was trying to get away from. Matt helped manage my symptoms through diet/supplements and has me feeling back to feeling human again! My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) has run high since they started running bloodwork for it as a teenager, which was attributed to family history (sign that my thyroid was not functioning optimally, and if continued to progress would require supplemented thyroid hormone in the future). Matt was able to address this and now my bloodwork is running perfect in that regard! He also found the right vitamins to supplement my food to mitigate my PMS symptoms (what was previously through the roof is now non-existent) – other female clients can appreciate how HUGE of a win that is!


As I’ve struggled so much with my body weight & size in the past, I was a bit skeptical of what Matt said he would be able to do. Looking back over the past year I can see that he not only delivered on his word but that he went above and beyond. He problem solves on the fly if things are feeling off and is constantly researching and working to be better. He is hands-down the best investment I’ve made to my overall health; I can’t thank him enough for where he has brought me. I can honestly say I’m excited to see how much further we can go!
Juliane Watson- Edmonton, Alberta
Nutrition for the Extreme Hunter
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He has led me on a journey of personal betterment! 

From a performance standpoint my archery game increased dramatically due to my health change.  My resting heart rate is in the 57-60 range which is down from the high 80’s to low 90’s!  If you’ve ever participated in shooting sports you quickly realize how heart health and oxygen uptake can impact your abilities.

While sheep hunting this past fall I out climbed my 23 year old son to his astonishment!

Whenever I had a stumble, Matt corrected my fall, reassured me and set me back on the “plan”.

Without ever being put on an exercise program and just following my normal day to day lifestyle I’ve dropped from around the 250lb plus range to my recent low of 211.8lbs!  All the while maintaining an excellent amount of muscle mass due in part to the “plan” where Matt starves the fat and feeds the muscle...allowing you to eat real food.

Take the Rebel Genetics challenge and discover the new you!  I did and will follow the life style change created by Matt for me with modifications for the rest of my life.

A very grateful customer.


Greg Roth, (Master Archer) Sundre, Alberta

At 49yrs of age I decided it was time to make a change!

Life for myself and family revolve around the outdoors, including hunting and related events like archery tournaments.

Stuff I previously enjoyed or felt I was good at had declined due to limiting health;  Increased body fat, increased blood pressure, increased resting heart rate and the general overall sense of feeling pretty crappy.

Enter Mr. Clary!  

Matt has personally coached me through all aspects of my diet even for tournaments to insure maximum performance when it counts.



"Rebel Genetics Nutrition has transformed my body and changed my lifestyle forever! 

I got a diet and exercise and supplement plan and now live a healthier life, workout 6 days a week and eat well for my body type. Thanks Rebel Genetics!!!"

Jeff Chubaty- Calgary, Canada

Normalized BP with a+ Weight Loss!
Hi, my name is Gordon York. I am 66 years old and Matt has been my coach for the past 18 months. I have been overweight my entire life, peaking at over 300 pounds. I attempted to get my weight under control, loosing and gaining with no long term results. I had reduced my food  and calorie intake, only to feel hungry all the time. My daughter introduced me to Matt's program and in September, 2018 after having my DNA tested and analyzed, Matt created a customized meal plan for me. I couldn't believe that eating more food could result in the weight loss I have achieved. The journaling of my food intake, weekly check-ins and pictures made me accountable for what I was eating and I quickly became aware that following my plan worked 100%. When I eat off plan, my weight increases and my overall health deteriorates. I now enjoy many types of physical activity that I was unable to participate in or enjoy  because I was so heavy. My blood pressure was 150/85 with medication. My doctor is very pleased as it is now 118/65, and he has removed all high blood pressure meds. I was 280 pounds when I started this program and I am now 199 pounds and my target weight is 190 pounds. I know I can achieve this goal with Matt's guidance and continuing support. I am very grateful to Matt for this life changing program. 
Gordon York
Update- My doctor did my class one medical last week and told me he has never seen such a change in someone my age. I wish I could take all the credit but the truth is I had a lot of support. I haven't been checking in as I'm finding  that if I stay on the program I have no problems. If I go off, I gain weight but it comes off just as quick. I'm maintaining between 197 and 205 and I get to enjoy the pain of inflammation whenever I cheat. Thanks for all you have done to teach me a better way to treat myself. 68 today, but really don't feel it. 

Kicking the 60's in the Ass! 

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The wedding fam 2.jpeg
Lawrene Sutti, Frisco, Texas
I'm a 68 year old woman who has always played the, "yo-yo" game when it came to weight loss. I found my answer in the Rebel Genetics Nutrition program. They are incredible!  I have lost 45 pounds and I have never felt better. Thank you Matt for your knowledge and patience. Thank you Audra for all the support  and cooking advice. I never knew how important body response nutrition was for healthy, life lasting success! 
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No More Aches & Pains
Hi, my name is Connie York and I am 65 years old. I started the program with Matt in September, 2018 more to support my husband, than thinking I was in need of weight loss. I was 139 pounds and weight had not been an issue for me. I got my DNA tested and Matt created a meal plan for me, that included more food than I had ever eaten. I was very surprised that eating all that "good" food allowed me to lose weight and feel better. I had always thought that we ate a reasonably healthy diet, but with Matt's changes, I lost 25 pounds and I felt much healthier with no aches and pains, which I thought were just natural as I was getting older. I am very happy that I chose to participate in this program and would highly recommend it. Matt is an exceptional coach who will assist you in achieving your goals. 
Connie York
Army Strong

I needed to get prepared for the rigorous demands that the US Army requires for basic training. Matt put me on a plan to keep my asthma in check and helped me get in shape using strength training and proper nutrition before training began, giving me a jumpstart to be the best I can be. Once in the Army, he even gave my exercises to do off my bunk when gym access wasn't available and I passed all my fitness requirements. If you want a diet that works with your unique genetics,  I highly recommend Rebel Genetics . The support was outstanding. Thank you Matt & Audra! 



PVT Sutti-Edge, Francesca, us army
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at my wits end!
I can't thank Matt with Rebel Genetics enough for what he has done to change my life.  I was at my wits end with health and weight issues.  I didn't know what to do I was ready to just give up!  I had tried every diet out there!  The only thing it did do was make my health and weight issues worse and caused me more stress and anxiety! I was down to hardly any food and gaining consistently. Finally I contacted Matt and he reassured me he could help! I said to my husband I will give it 6 months and if this doesn't work that's it I give up totally! 
After just having a conversation with Matt about diet etc. I felt right away that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and felt more like I had something positive to look forward to! Matt sent me my diet and the vitamins that I needed. Wow! I got to actually eat a pile of food!! Not the ordinary for me!
I put 100% implicit trust and never questioned and did exactly to a T what Matt told me to do. My 6 month trial went right out the window! Within no time at all I was feeling better and was starting to feel like a normal human being again! Best of all, I felt better than I have ever felt! I am 47 years old and never imagined I would feel as good as I do now!
There are no words to express how deeply appreciative and happy I am with the new me! Many friends and family have been with Matt as well and the changes are drastic as they were with me. AMAZING! I could go on and on with the benefits of letting Matt take care of your health and diet needs. If you are determined to get the healthiest you have ever been and ready to give it a 100% you won't be sorry!
Wendy Roth, Sundre, Alberta

bikini bottom ready! 


I began my health journey with Matt and his DNA based program after trying many of the popular diets and eating trends, all with little to no results. My energy levels were low, and I assumed the daily aches and pains were just part of getting older (I was only 36). While I wasn’t extremely overweight, I had been embarrassed about the cellulite on my legs and butt from the time I was a teenager. My initial weight was 158 pounds, and I set my goal weight at 140 pounds. After receiving my DNA results and custom meal plan it was obvious to see that the current fad diets (Keto, Low Carb, etc) were completely wrong for me. I could not believe the volume of food I was instructed to eat, including high amounts of carbohydrates. Once my body became accustomed to the diet, and my hormones were balanced, it seemed almost like programming a computer, as long as I followed the plan the results were steady and predictable. My entire quality of life has improved, I need less sleep, have more energy and my mood is elevated. I ended up exceeding my goal, losing over 30 pounds and my cellulite all but disappeared. I have very few daily aches and pains, and less inflammation in my body overall. While I enjoy being active and outdoors, I achieved these results without any formal exercise program. I am very thankful to Matt and his coaching for helping me achieve a level of heath I did not know was possible.





Kristen York
Learning to Fuel the Body Correctly
I have been working with Matt consistently since 2015. I had previous experience training and dieting, but was always accustom to the typical low calorie/high cardio programs. When I began working with Matt, I had been on a very low calorie diet for a very long time. As a result, I was dealing with the hormonal issues, as well as the mental struggles that come with long term calorie restriction. 

Matt was able to customize a diet specific to my needs and genetics. It took time to change the paradigms I had around food and training, but I am forever thankful for what he has done for me and my body. My hormones levelled out and my beliefs around food and training completely changed. I was able to increase my caloric intake and fuel my body the way it needed. For the first time in many years of dieting, Matt taught me how to work with my body instead of against it. Over the last 5 years I have dieted with Matt off and on (through various stages) including my most recent postpartum period. He has always placed my health (mental and physical) as a top priority. He is an absolute mastermind, and gets incredible results. I don’t know how he does what he does, but I am truly grateful. I would recommend him to anyone. 
Kenda Butterfield
Balance the Hormones, Balance the Mind
This past summer I couldn't figure out what was happening to me. I was moody, couldn't concentrate, had a very short fuse, no libido and fighting with my husband constantly. I had no control over myself and longer and was starting to lose hope until I had a conversation with Matt. After some questions he was able to tell me all of my symptoms and said not to worry he could help. Within a few weeks, I started to feel like myself again. It was such a relief. I didn't realize how much chaos could be caused by a hormonal imbalance. I got my life and marriage back on track thanks to Matt aka My Guru.
Carolyn W. 
Muscle DNA.jpg
Next Level Results!
Huge shout out to Matt for helping me change my life! Matt has guided me in my training and dieting for many years, and my results have been great. The addition of having my DNA analyzed has taken me to the next level. It has enabled Matt to make adjustments to both my diet and training routine, maximizing the benefits of both. The difference has been substantial. I could not be happier. Matt definitely knows his stuff! Thanks again!!
Jeff Wright 
We'd like to say thank you to all of our clients that took the time to write such amazing testimonials for Rebel Genetics!  You motivate us to continue to provide the best service possible, as we continue to cheer you on to reach your best! You truly make us proud and we admire the dedication in each and every one of you! 
Do you have a testimonial that you'd like to share? We'd love to include it!

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Billie Rae
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