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Our Mission

It is Rebel Genetics Mission to help as many individuals as possible to bring health and wholeness into their lives. Through body response nutrition, and positive coaching, we hope to help others achieve great success with their goals. It is our desire to help people understand that we all have a different genetic structure that sets each of us apart in response to nutrition. Weight issues, chronic health and immune system issues, inflammation and pain, and even an athletes inability to build more muscle, or strength, can be overcome through the right nutrition.  It is our goal to bring education and understanding to the world of health and to share in each of our clients successes!  We are called Rebel Genetics because that's exactly what we do, we rebel against YOUR unique gentics with  Body Response Nutrition! 

Our team

Matt clary

Body Response Nutrition Coach

Matt has been invaluable to the development of DNA and is a pioneer in combining genetics and body function knowledge with nutrition. He is recognized as a highly respected coach for top athletes as well as some of the top race horses in the world. He has worked closely with scientists and physicians to share his knowledge and to help advance research in many  health fields.

After acquiring over 20 years of knowledge in nutrition, body science, genetics and DNA, his desire to help others is now his main priority, and he takes pride in providing his clients with the best, most up to date, diet and fitness programs available. His success speaks for itself.  

Prior to DNA, Matt was a successful construction manager in the high voltage/transmission power-line industry and has earned certification in three journeyman trades. On occasion he still offers consultant services in construction, as well as DNA Interpretation.


Aside from work, Matt is also and avid archery hunter. He thoroughly enjoys fishing, and competing in steer wrestling and rodeo events as a PRCA member. He resides in Alberta, Canada and Montana with his sweetheart and business partner, Audra.

Athletic Accomplishments

Pro PRCA Steer Wrestler 

NPC Super Heavy Weight Champion, 2004

3D Archery, 14th in the world standings, 1993

Football, All District Defense Lineman,  1987, 1988

All District/All State Track, 1987, 1988

Outstanding Athlete of the Year, 1988 

All Star Baseball 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988,1989


Audra Geneau

Health & Wellness Mentor

Audra was raised in a ranching/farming family and continued that tradition into adulthood. She owned and operated a retail business as well as a horse ranch and farrier company, and still has a deep seeded love for agriculture and livestock. She has a genuine passion for helping others, and is also a licensed esthetician, and CNA. 

Audra joined the Rebel Genetics team to help Matt in his health venture after she experienced first hand the benefits of Body Response Nutrition. After a serious car accident as a child with a paraplegic diagnosis, 16 surgeries and a white blood cell count that equalled that of a cancer patient, she spent most of her time inactive and in chronic pain. Matt's diet not only helped her achieve her weight loss goals, but it changed her entire life for the better! She then became committed to helping others learn how to feel better and look better too. 

With a background in business and healthcare, along with a personal experience from Matt's nutritional and fitness program, Audra hopes to bring hope and help to those on the Rebel Genetics program too! 

In her spare time, you'll find Audra at a rodeo or in the mountains of Montana with Matt and their dog Riggin.'  They might be hunting, fishing, riding horses, or spinning up mud with the four wheelers. But one things for sure, you won't find her in bed in chronic  pain anymore! Those days floated down stream when the Rebel Genetics Nutrition program began! 

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