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what are the benefits?

Rebel Genetics can use either DNA or Complete Blood Panel Testing to give your diet plan an edge. 


Depending on the issue, the bloodwork that Matt requests will enable him to evaluate the level of stress that your body is experiencing. It reveals a great indication about your overall health and what body functions might need special attention. Sometimes, it can also reveal things that could be DNA related, which could be helpful in designing your diet. The greatest thing to understand is that positive results on any diet are achieved by a body that is functioning at optimal levels. 
Sometimes after a blood report is read, we might recommend a different  plan to begin with, instead of the plan you initially signed up for, such as the combined health and weight loss plan. Our first goal is health. Once body health is achieved, the goals you're striving towards will become attainable at the greatest level. 
Already have a current complete blood chemical panel? Matt can use those blood reports, (no older than 90 days), along with any old ones to compare. 
Email us if you do not have bloodwork but would like to include it in your plan. We can advice you on how to obtain it.


what does DNA reveal?
DNA reveals body response to nutrition, such as:
  • How does your body regulate things like fats, carbohydrates and protein? 
  • How does your body respond to foods comprising of things like gluten, lactose, or alcohol?
  • How is your cholesterol or blood sugar function? 
  • How is your ability to use different fats?
  • DNA reveals mitochondrial issues
  • DNA reveals which genes are poor and which are exceptional, magnifying the correct direction to take in your diet
  • Intolerance to certain types of foods can be identified
  • DNA is helpful in determining which vitamins and minerals are most beneficial for your diet
  • It even provides a direction for which type of fitness training program is most beneficial. For example, it will reveal things such as whether you respond better to anaerobic or aerobic training? 


As you can see, knowing what’s in your DNA profile is helpful. Basically it gives you a leg up in your initial start up plan by enabling Matt to create the most effective diet from day one. In essence, it takes the guesswork out of how your body responds to food.  


It is important to note however, that although DNA is very helpful, it is NOT absolutely necessary to create an effective diet plan. Matt has studied DNA so extensively that after working with a client  he is able to determine much of your DNA profile in a fairly short time, just by the way your body responds to the initial diet. By having your DNA profile in hand, you’ll for sure gain some valuable knowledge about yourself and gain a kick start regarding results, but the question as to whether or not you should send off for DNA is a really a personal choice. 

 If you do not already have a DNA report but would like to add one to your diet, we can advise you where to obtain one. The approximate cost at this time is around $300 through a third party company. You can then add DNA to your program and Matt Clary will then interpret the report for you and add it to your diet development. 


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