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The Plan

Sadly, immense amounts of people are suffering from health issues that stem from poor diet. When it comes down to it, almost every non-congenital disease has occurred because of deficiencies we unknowingly have created through our food choices. The good news is that much of these ailments can be reversed through proper diet. Through diet, and monitoring blood work, Matt has reversed Type 2 Diabetes, normalized blood pressure, changed peoples lives that suffer from asthma and upper respiratory issues, IBD, IBS, and Crohn’s Disease and much, much more.


Until now, we have never advertised this plan. The multitude of past clients that have found amazing relief through Matt's expertise and knowledge of body function, have brought in more health clients than Rebel Genetics imagined. We appreciate all the amazing things that have been said, and all of the referrals we've received via word of mouth. Our goal is to educate people on the connection between good health and proper nutrition to help heal.... one person at a time! 



Choose the payment option that works best for your budget. The price of the first month includes the development of your diet, plus either one month of coaching, or three months of coaching. If you pay for three months in advance, you benefit with a nice discount. 
This plan includes analyzing your complete blood count, (CBC) that you provide to Rebel Genetics. Read why blood aids in building a heath plan.
Once you purchase your plan you will have access to our Members Only section on this website.  Instructions on what's needed to begin the process of building your diet can be found there. You will have health history forms to fill out, plus the option to email any current blood panels or DNA profiles that you already have available. If you don't have DNA , but you're interested in adding it to your diet, no need to worry. We can point you in the right direction. You can also just opt to wait until your phone consultation with Matt to discuss your options. However, if possible, it's optimal to have them before your consultation so Matt can review them ahead of time and discuss how he will create your plan based on the results. 


Once you have submitted all your available information, we will email you to set up a phone appointment with Matt. This is included in your plan so need need to book and pay online. 
Your plan will then be built and your diet will begin, using the app, WhatsApp. 

Correspondence with Matt, including diet changes, food logs, etc., will be submitted via WhatsApp. 

This is our way of keeping information in one place, organized and easily accessible for review. Think of it like your medical file. 

You will be expected to share your food log daily. This helps Matt verify that you are following the plan correctly, as your adjusting. This, along with your symptoms, will help Matt notice changes within your body and make a determination as how to precede with your diet. 
You will have weekly check ins. On these days you will submit your reports for the week. Each health plan is unique, so Matt will tell you what he would like to see when you have your phone consultation with him, but they may be things such as a health journal that coincides with your food log, or weight and measurements, or even photos that Matt will use to compare to your previous photos. He will often use these to help you see progress from the eye of a professional. Note- We never share your personal information or photos with anyone unless you have given us permission. 
Matt will review your information and make adjustments to your diet if necessary. He will answer questions and make suggestions if needed. 
From then on things become routine, except your results get better and better! 


Audra is available through WhatsApp for emotional support during this process. She has been in your shoes too and understands pain management and adjusting to new eating habits. You will have a support account as well as a diet account. You've built habits over a life time that will be tested and replaced with a better way. We want you to succeed! It always helps when you know you're not alone. She can share with you tips that she's learned along the way, as well as share with you recipes to make healthy taste great! 
That's it in a nutshell! If you would like further information before purchasing a plan, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here for clarification or to answer any questions you might have.
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