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Isaac Baier

ifbb classic physique pro

My names Isaac Baier. A little bit about my bodybuilding history is I’ve been an avid bodybuilder for 10 years competing as a junior at 18 years old to competing with the pros at 27 years old. I’m currently 29. I’ve been with multiple coaches all of which were amazing and taught a lot about the sport, though Matt Clary is one of the best I’ve worked with. 


I hired Matt back in 2018  but I had known about him since about 2017. What caught my attention with his coaching was seeing him work with my best friend Dustin Cosman. Matt told Dustin he would dial him into a show in 6 weeks with minimal cardio and he would win…. Both me and Dustin where like, “ ya okay buddy,” though sure enough Dustin listened and in 6 weeks won the 2017 middle weight tittle for the 6th time, and as Matt would say, “ Dustin looked rank as hell” which he did!


Matt Isacc.jpeg

So the following year 2018 I contacted Matt and asked if he would coach me which he agreed too right away. I sent my first set of check in photos to Matt and he replies, “ I’ll turn you pro in 6 months and you’ll be one of the best classic physique guys out there." That was a bold statement from a guy I just met but it was a great way to start our adventures together because it showed Matt Believed in me as much as I believed in myself. I knew I could always be a good athlete but I just needed some help to unleash my full potential and Matt did just that. 6 months later we went on to win the Vancouver Pro/am. I won the Amateur side of the show to Earn the IFBB Classic Physique Pro Card and then 12 hours later stepped on the IFBB pro stage taking 5th place in my first pro show!


Matt went above and beyond for me at all my shows, now as we have done 4 together. He’s been at all 4 shows, spent countless hours not only checking in on me but all his other athletes. He worked 24 hour shifts basically for 4 days catering to every one of his clients. Whether it was to wake them up to eat, bring them water, go to the weigh-ins, Matt would even watch you fall asleep and make sure you awoke in time to eat your next meal!!! Oh and wait one last one. Matt can even put on one hell of a spray tan! He did my tan in the bathroom one show as our tanning schedules were wrong and I missed my tan! Matt to the rescue with  some pro tan and gloves to make sure I had proper colour for stage!


The one  thing I really value  about Matt is he takes the time to explain why he does what he does to every athlete. The amount of knowledge he has when it comes to the sport is quit amazing. He will spend hours talking about why we ate this food and why we took that supplement! He’s allowed me to become a better coach myself from what he’s explained to me. So I take full advantage of it every-time we talk as I know he’s got something new to tell me about his research on clients that he’s currently working with. 


One of the best things Matt brings to the table is his relationship to food vs drugs. Matt made me a firm believer food is the key not copious amounts of drugs. He drove it into my brain that without proper food we are useless. Even now in my off seasons I eat the same foods as if I was in prep simply because Matt got rid of a lot of issues I had in my body due to the food I was eating and Matt never once said drugs are the answer nor did he push drugs on me. He found out I had an autoimmune disease that caused years of extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, and many other issues.  He was able to fix my tendinitis  and knee pain by simply switching my foods around to avoid any inflammation the previous foods I was eating may cause. 


All in all. Matt is a great coach. I highly doubt I will find anyone who has as much knowledge as he does or cares as much as he does when it comes to his athletes. He’s never let me down and always told me the truth and never sugar coated anything! I highly recommend looking into what he offers if you’re serious about making a physique that’s your absolute best!

Isaac Baier, Edmonton Alberta

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