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Horse performance

Rebel Genetics is excited to offer nutritional plans for horses. We customize plans from working ranch to elite performance race horses. 

We provide nutrition that restores health and sets you above the competition! 


Every plan begins with an extensive evaluation of your horse. We use bloodwork to help diagnose issues. On occasion, after an initial bloodwork analysis, we may recommend other tests to further aid in a diagnosis, but this is recommended case by case. Based on all of the information gathered, an optimal nutrition plan can then be developed for your horses needs, with your specific goal in mind. 

With photos and the information provided, we can accomplish everything online. If you prefer, and proximity permits, ranch call appointments are also an option.





D horse race pic.jpg
When Matt took a look at her bloodwork he was appalled. Her creatine kinase levels, (CK) were off the charts, atronomically high! CK is an enzyme that leaks out of damaged muscle. When elevated it means muscle is being destroyed by some abnormal process. The test was ordered by a well respected Kentucky veterinarian and  re-ran four times by Texas A&M Medical Diagnostic laboratory to reverify the results because they were so unbelievable. The fact that she was still alive at the time is a miracle in itself. D Favorite girl had a CK level of 79,600 U/L! A normal  CK level is between the range of 93 and-348 U/L.
The recommendation from veterinarians for this three year old race track mare, was to put her down. D Favorite Girl was a high dollar, Corona Cartel mare that had all the makings to be great, but she had been experiencing recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis, also called tying-up syndrome. If you are unfamiliar with tying up, it is something that can happen to a horse while exercising. Intense and severe muscle cramping develops causing acute deterioration at a cellular level. This mare was in agony. As a last ditch effort to save her, the owners reached out to Rebel Genetics.
D Favorite Girl.JPG
AST is an enzyme that your liver makes. Higher elevations in your blood signify liver damage. A normal AST range is 199-348 U/L. This mares AST was 5,293 U/L! Serious liver failure! Her LDH,(Lactate Dehydrogenase), which is an enzyme found in almost every cell of your body blood, muscles, pancreas, kidneys and brain were extreme too. LDH shows signs of damaged body tissue. She had a level of 12,150 U/L, with normal range being between 160-455 U/L! Talk about a state of cellular death! Once Matt analyzed the combined variables from all the results on the blood test, he was able to determine that the horse had a glucose storing disorder, (GSD). He quickly developed a diet to stabilize the mares blood sugar levels with nutrition and set to work methodically timing the intervals between her meals.
Not only did D Favorite Girl recover quickly, she went on to be a top high performance horse. She came in second place in her first race back, only three weeks after Matt helped her. She was second fastest out of the day out of 89 horses. Not long after that she won a $25,000 race!! Rebel Genetics could not have been more proud! 
$25,000 RACE

Race colt rescue

Sick colt.jpeg
This colt was out of a high dollar race track mare. With breeding and expenses, the breeder already had $15,000- $20,000 invested in the mare before even foaling. Unfortunately, the colt was sick in vitro and once foaled was so weak that he was incapable of standing or nursing. He was immediately tested for diseases and any issues related to sickness but the veterinarians didn't see anything bacterial or viral. Matt was asked to work directly with the vet when no solution was found. After reviewing the initial blood tests, Matt ordered more testing to clarify unhealthy blood levels that he saw. His intial suspicions were confirmed, metabolic acidosis.
A special diet was then built and extra nutrients were administered intravenously, and with a bottle, supplying the colt with the correct nutrition that he needed for recovery. Within 24 hours he was up on his feet and put into a stall with his mother. The mare was also blood tested during this process. Matt was able to identify the areas in the mare that caused the colt to be nutrient deficient and made the necessary changes to enrich her milk through nutrition. Within two days the colt was turned outside to live a normal life. SUCCESS! 
Reunited with Mama

barreling ahead

I just want to start by saying I am so thankful to Matt and Rebel Genetics for giving me my horse back. 

In December of 2019 my gelding tied up, after three months of going back and forth with the vets and several blood draws and trying all their failed nutrition attempts I was told in February my horse should never compete again and since we couldn’t get his blood levels regulated he would never be a performance horse. 

I was not willing to give up or accept that as an acceptable answer and knowing this is a common problem in performance horses I started making phone calls and was connected with Matt. 

During our conversation Matt assured me he would have my horse back competing in a month and his issues could be controlled. He did not disappoint. My horse is back in training and competing  and is better then he has  ever been. 


Thank you Rebel Genetics 

Lynnsey D, Montana

Lindseys Jake.jpeg
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