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dog health

REBEL GENETICS is excited to offer nutrition plans for man's best friend!
Just like people, there are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to nutrition and health requirements, even for dogs. Food requirements change as each dog grows and ages, but weight and age aren't the only contributing factors. Working dogs or dogs that exert a lot of daily energy need totally different diets than a big porch dog that's the same age and weight. The store shelves are full of bags of feed to choose from, so how do you choose when you know that what's good for one dog isn't necessarily good for another? And how do you really choose if your dog isn't functioning like he should? Most veterinarians do not have a deep knowledge of nutrition. They mean well and advise the best they can, however, the expensive feeds they often recommend don't work if paired with the wrong dog. 
If you suspect your dog is suffering from health issues, or doesn't have his normal amount of energy, or just isn't acting himself, contact us. We can help you by developing a plan that provides the nutrients that your pooch needs based on his symptoms. We can also use blood reports that you have available when necessary. Usually this is an easy and quick fix. Your dog will thank you!  Contact us and we'll walk you through the simple process.




Right from a puppy my registered black lab had urinary issues. 

As he matured he developed other problems associated with his bathroom habits. 

Veterinarian visits and diet changes had little impact on his bouts of spontaneous diarrhea and lethargy. 

We struggled to get him to drink water on a regular basis and he lacked the lustrous sheen typical of a healthy animal. 

His food was the “best” recommended by the vet...still no luck. 

Matt seen Hank and thought he lacked the “stuff” a 2.5yr old lab should have and after a short conversation, he confidently suggested a change to his diet....same brand of dog food but different ingredients....he figured the change would come quickly!

“Spot on” couldn’t describe Matt’s prediction of Hanks change more accurately!  Within 24 hours he was drinking water like he was dehydrated...(apparently he was).  He changed even more in the coming days...

Fast forward 8 months and I have brand new dog!!

Hank is a vivacious dog that has made a complete change in all aspects of his health, temperament and doggy related issues.  Thanks big guy!!



Riggin, our ranch dog, is a 6 year old female border collie that had substantial health problems which really became pronounced after 2 litters of puppies. She gained a lot of weight and lost most of her hair. What was left of her coat was dull and dry. She didn’t have the energy for daily things like keeping up with the horses on the trail. She was intolerant to other dogs and would pick fights. We stopped taking her to rodeos because we couldn’t  trust her around strangers, especially kids. She was snappy and just acted like she didn’t feel well. The vet diagnosed her  as having hormonal issues and suggested that having her spade would fix the problem. Upon his suggestion, we did that, as well as provide her with many different types of expensive foods, but it still didn’t change her disposition back to normal, or fix her visible health issues. When Matt analyzed her bloodwork, he put her on a different diet. Within a couple months her hair started to return and replace the remaining dull coat. She became lean and her energy returned. The best part was that her return to health also restored her mental state. She became outgoing and trustworthy around others again and she's excited now to be included on the trails. We could not be more grateful to have our partner and dog back! 



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