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dana williams

ifbb pro


My first show under Matts guidance was in 2018 at the Vancouver Pro Qualifier where I placed second. From there I went and did Canadian Nationals where I won first place, the overall and won my IFBB Pro card! This was definitely the best I've ever looked on stage and the best I've ever felt. The following year we got my feet wet on that pro stage at 2 different shows. 
When I first signed on with Matt in 2017, we did my DNA testing to see how my body responds to certain things, which really made dieting a lot easier. I found out things about my body that I had a feeling about but was never 100% certain. Matt designed my diet based on my results from my DNA testing, and we started to see results right away! My preps became easier being able to still eat certain things that just don't work for me. 
Matt is a very attentive coach who cares about the whole process, from the beginning to the last week. He is extremely knowledgeable and answers any questions I have with a scientific reason as to why we do things the way that we do. I love that I'm able to learn from him along the way and I'm never made to feel bad for asking questions. Matt and I make a great team and there is a lot of future for us ahead! 
Dana Williams, ALBERTA
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