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Brittany offers


Canadian national figure Champion


With Matts guidance, I was able to reach a new level of athleticism and self awareness. When I was in my 2nd year of bodybuilding and after my 4th show, I was extremely overwhelmed and defeated. The idea of my next competition was thriving in me, however I was experiencing some pretty disheartening impacts to my mood, energy levels and weight. Matt saw me at this exact show and few weeks later asked me what I was doing for coaching, within moments he helped me sift through all the information I was given and helped to find the truth. After just a couple months working together, I began noticing my mood elevated, improved clarity, incredible physique changes, previous injuries were less painful and my passion for bodybuilding deepened. Matt approaches his coaching with intrinsic motivation, science and personal experience, which is a lethal combo and something I appreciate very much! He has taught me more about myself through bodybuilding and nutrition than I would have ever expected from a coach!

Brittany Offers

Airdrie Alberta, Figure Competitor CPA

Client since 2018

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